Remember when the Prince of England married that party supply heiress and the whole world was watching? Well after that Wills and Kate disappeared to go honeymooning in the Seychelles, and now there are some glamorous deets about the trip.

Yes, the newly crowned Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chose the beautiful African island chain for their honeymoon (or, as the British call it, "fuckcation"), probably because the only thing nicer than being newlywed royals on a magical island is when that magical island is just off the coast of impoverished hellscape Somalia. Everything just tastes sweeter! Anyway, they rented 11 villas on North Island (don't click on that link unless you want to be depressed for a while — if you can afford a $6,000/night villa, well then have it) and it sounds nice:

At a reported cost of $720,000, the Duke, 28, and Duchess, 29, rented out 11 villas at North Island Lodge. Some of the amenities: A private butler tending to their every whim (from a beachside ice cream sundae to a specific pillow!); an open-air bath filled with frangipani flowers; golf carts and mountain bikes to check out the island's remarkable flora and fauna, and more. (Just one of those hand-crafted villas has two bedrooms and nearly 5,000 square feet of space!)

So, sure, normal honeymoon (sorry, "fuckcation"), no big deal. Hope you had fun, jerks. [Us, photo via Getty]