Four 10th graders from St. Ann's—NYC private school to Brooklyn's brownstone elite—have been arrested for setting fire to a public school's playground, melting the slide. Class rage meter: 5%

Apparently they were trying to imitate a stunt they saw on Jackass. Class rage meter: 10%

One of the brownstoners' lawyers has already cut a check for $50,000—the equivalent of 1.5 years of tuition of St. Ann's—to clean up the mess. Charged with four felonies each, all four teenagers have been released to their parents' custody. Class rage meter: 12%

The scorched-playground public school is where Real Housewives of New York ear-assaulter Simon von Kempen sends one of his kids. Class rage meter: Now I'm just confused.

[NYDN, CobbleHillBlog, @SimonvanKempen, image via Bococaland]