Alert: straight men are editing magazines—in Manhattan! At least three of them. It's enough to make a media reporter lose his mind, contemplating the trend possibilities. Are magazines ready for "dudes?" Masculine dudes?

Of course, that's not really an issue; there are no masculine dudes editing magazines in Manhattan. Overt, oozing, perceptible masculinity is not a trait that tends to propel one to the top of the elite magazine world. (But it works so well in the UFC!) Baby steps, friends. John Koblin has written the funniest fucking media trend story I've read all week, simply by alleging that straight male editors Hugo Lindgren (the New York Times Magazine, pictured below), Josh Tyrangiel (Bloomberg Businessweek) and Adam Rapoport (Bon Appetit, pictured above) are, in fact, "dudes." They are, purportedly, "youngish, vaguely athletic, literate and street-jargoned."

When I think "street-jargoned," I think "Inspektah Deck." Then I think "E-40." Then, within milliseconds, I think "Hugo Lindgren."

Hugo Lindgren loves Ric Ocasek. Dude.

Furthermore, we learn, "all three project a certain aura of masculine confidence, a swagger that's in demand these days, a generational cool."

"You can work hard and play hard," says Adam Rapoport, who was a style editor at GQ before becoming top editor of a fancy Conde Nast food magazine, and whose fondness for white pants cannot be overlooked.

Swagger on, dudes. Swagger on.

[WWD; photos via Getty]