[There was a video here]

Haven't you always dreamed of seeing Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich awash in in the twinkling light of party glitter? Now you can, thanks to gay activist Robert Erickson, who glitter-bombed Gingrich at a Minneapolis book signing on Tuesday night.

Being glitter-bombed strikes us as a somewhat value-neutral act, but this particular glittering was not approving: Erickson was protesting Gingrich's appearance at a dinner sponsored by the anti-gay Minnesota Family Council. As the video shows, the protestors were taken outside and given what seemed to be a very firm, and very creepy, talking-to by a gentleman in a suit.

Either way, this must be one of the worst weeks of Gingrich's life — just hours before, he was forced to apologize to Rep. Paul Ryan (R - Wisc.) for calling Ryan's budget "radical" (which it is). At least he has all that Tiffany's jewelry to console himself with.

[via Robert Erickson]