A rash of inexplicable watermelon explosions has stricken melon farmers in eastern China. Experts are baffled! Is this the start of the coming apocalypse?

As you may have heard, the world will end this saturday. And while we all expected more traditional plagues like locusts and boils and so forth, God is kind of a crazy guy, and we wouldn't put this past him:

According to the Xinhua news agency, 20 farmers in a village in Jiangsu province planted imported seeds from Japan, with 10 households saying their watermelons began exploding last month.

Farmer Liu Mingsuo told Xinhua that more than two-thirds of his crop had blown up.


Agricultural experts investigating the incident were unable to offer an explanation.

Initially, a growth-promoting chemical was being blamed for the explosions, but apparently several farmers who didn't use the chemical have suffered from the same problem. Agricultural experts are apparently "citing the weather," which means you know they're stumped. Here it comes, everyone! Better juicy watermelons than frogs, anyway.