In your soaking Tuesday media column: Tina Brown goes out on a limb, journalists are set free in Libya, Dorothy Parvaz is still missing, Greta Van Susteren vs. Mediaite, and the media continue to consume and excrete itself, nonstop.

  • Tina Brown is now on the record as saying that Newsweek will be profitable "In the next two to three years." Everyone, mark May 17, 2014 on your calendars as the day to go down to the Newsweek offices and make fun of Tina Brown. And be turned away, because she left that boring gig a long time ago.
  • Four journalists (two American, one Spanish, one unknown) who've been detained by the Libyan government for more than a month are reportedly set to be released this week. I wonder if the Libyan government would get better PR if they stopped detaining journalists? Eh, we'll never get the chance to find out.
  • More troubling: Al Jazeera journalist Dorothy Parvaz, who's been missing since flying to Syria on assignment in late April, is now... completely missing, again. Last week she was reportedly being detained in Iran. But now both nations say they don't have her.
  • Ha, Greta Van Susteren is feuding with Mediaite over who is more "trivial." Ha.
  • Yesterday, David Carr wrote his media column (based on last week's PEJ report) about the astounding online influence of Matt Drudge. Then Business Insider jacked Carr's column for a post, and Carr complained about them "Lifting, not linking," and then some other dude pointed out that the NYT didn't even link to Drudge in Carr's column, and then Will Bunch got on his soapbox about how Drudge is really just a right-wing hack, and the Washington Post disputed Drudge's influence, and all this was rounded up on Romenesko, and then brought over here and lightly chewed over some more. How do you people even stand the media, at all? We are a completely unbearable bunch of navel-gazing two-year-olds. Good lord. We should really all get real jobs. But of course we won't.

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