Cassidy, a Philly rapper who used to be with Swizz Beatz back in the day, has been jailed for violating his probation. He's on probation for a manslaughter case n 2005, stemming from a shootout near his house. His lawyers have denied a TMZ report that he's a suspect in another murder case. Also, rapper M-Bone of Cali Swag District (the "Dougie" people) was killed in a drive-by shooting in Inglewood, California on Sunday. Also, local Virginia rapper Trey Pound, 24 and an Iraq war veteran, was shot and killed after pissing off another guy in a rap battle. That was in 2008, but the full details have just emerged, so we'll include it here.

Also, vile racist gangster rapper Common continues to cause much angst and uproar amongst the populace simply by existing, hatefully. Was hateful rapper Common, after successfully "painting the White House black," who learned his casual violence in countless rap "battles," and who now must feel like a veritable "above the law" "Boy in the Hood," hanging out of a car window in Inglewood last weekend, violently shooting his fellow "rapper" in a "rap battle" gone awry?

We don't know yet. But we're watching you, rappers. We're watching you good.