If we've learned anything from the cautionary tale of Dilbert creator Scott Adams, it's that masquerading as your own biggest fan on the internet can come back to bite you in the ass. You'd think that lesson might have sunk in by now for Real Housewives of New York City star Jill Zarin, who we've already caught once writing glowing Amazon user reviews for her own advice book (while accusing its critics of being antisemites). But someone — not saying it's Jill! Could be anyone really! Innocent until proven Zarin!— has been bombarding the Vulture comments section with suspiciously pro-Jill propaganda.

The post in question is about how the entire New York cast might be given the boot and replaced with women of the same fab-bracket as those of the Beverly Hills franchise. Here's what a random sampling of RHNYC fans are saying:

Gingerette3: "Bravo is nothing more than one big BS machine, creating stories like this to rile you people up. They would NEVER drop this cast. Maybe Alex and Kelly but NEVER the rest. Too many people love Jill Zarin. She is the best of all housewives. We LOVE her!!"

Cookie09: "Give Jill Zarin her own show and get rid of these co-stars. Bring Kelly along for laughs."

jillzarinfan1: "I would agree with the long needed removal of Alex McCord as well as Ramona who has obviously drank herself into another reality. But I watch the show for ladies like Jill Zarin... Jill has a star quality that makes the show great."

Michelle1234: "Jill Zarin is the heart and soul of Real Housewives of NYC I would not watch without her...Jill Zarin is the only lady on the show that is a true New Yorker. Start with Jill and rebuilt around her."

GliterGirl: "Replacing some but not all of the cast sounds like a great idea to me! Not sure all of them should go though. I enjoy watching Jill Zarin to see what she's up too, but Sonja can go."

ladychic101: "I love Jill Zarin and think shes great...the show definatley [sic] would not be the same without her."

DorisMo: "NOOOOO! I watch the Real Housewives of NY ALL THE TIME! I'm totally gonna miss Jill Zarin....So sad :( I love her...she is so fun to watch on the show."

XLilyPadX: "This is very sad news! I am a big Jill Zarin fan even though a lot of people tend to hate her. For me...she will be missed."

Hear it enough times, and it really begins to make perfect sense, in a Manchurian Candidate kind of way. [Vulture, photo via Getty]