We've got a happy update to the most important story of 2011! (You know, the cross-dressing guy who (allegedly) killed his neighbor's goat while high on bath salts.) A charitably-inclined couple bought the victimized family a new goat. Named Trixie!

Earlier this month, police discovered Mark Thompson (pictured right) "in his bedroom, dressed in a bra and panties, next to" the body of his neighbors' pygmy goat Bailey. The goat had been a gift for 4-year-old Morgan Powers from his grandmother Lisa, a fact that distressed Mark Taunquin and Laura Schmidt, a married couple living in New York but originally from West Virginia. So they offered to pay for a new goat:

"We thought about how funny and wonderful it would be to grow up with a pet pygmy goat and how awful it'd be to lose it in such a senseless and cruel manner," Taunquin wrote in an email.

"So instead of being bummed out about it, we decided to give the family the money to buy another one. We just hope Lisa's grandson has as much fun with his new goat as he did with Bailey."

The new goat's name is Trixie, because, as Morgan explains, "it trips you all the time."

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