Pro tip: If you're going to do something you regret at a nghtclub, maybe pick the club without the gigantic privacy disclaimer at the front door. If something you're embarrassed about does end up online, ignore it if possible.

An unknown patron was upset that nightclub owner Jamie Zawinski used video footage of the patron from a club event. The offending footage constitutes only three seconds out of 124 in the original, party themed vid, but the patron was apparently quite nervous and decided to file a privacy takedown complaint with YouTube, which promptly yanked the vid. Zawinski hit the roof — he's a noted computer programmer with a strong sense of his online rights — and vented in a blog post entitled "Youtube's 'privacy violation' policy is a steaming pile of horse-shit."

In his post and in an email to YouTube, Zawinksi noted that his club features a sign at the entrance that says,"by entering the premises, you hereby grant a license and permission to DNA Lounge.... to utilize your appearance, image..."

Then he republished the three video frames that likely sparked the privacy complaint, thwarting his unknown patron, whom he called an "asshat." To which we can only add: Just go to your car or get a room next time. Between Foursquare, iPhone cameras and promotional nightclub videos, your favorite nightclub might as well be a fish bowl.

[Pic from inside DNA Lounge via seanyama/Flickr]