Here's a trailer for Fright Night, a remake of the 1985 movie about a teenage boy realizing that the new man next door is a murderous vampire. So it's a vampire movie, but for boys this time!

Yeah, there's none of the gooey love stuff of Twilight here. That's girl junk. Instead we have Anton Yelchin kickin' ass and getting the hot blonde in bed. OK, so there's some gotta-protect-mom stuff, so it's sort of emotional, but at least it's still about the guy doing manly lady-saving. And it's all in the service of sweet action scenes and tough banter.

So there's that, but there's also, swoooon, Colin Farrell lustily biting into ladies' (and gents') necks! This is the straighest gay vampire movie ever! Or is it the gayest straight vampire movie ever? Or are we operating with some sort of new sexuality? Vampisexual? I think that's where we're at. We're all total vampos for Colin Farrell.