Just like most acceptance speeches and colonoscopies, the Cannes Film Festival goes on a little bit too long. That means that all of Hollywood is still living it up in the south of France, wearing their fancy clothes, and going to movie premieres. Here are some of the highlights.

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Brad Pitt's dyslexia just gets worse with age. [Image via Getty]

Naomi Campbell is shocked that the Blackberry she just launched failed to connect with at least one of the plebs standing before her. [Image via Pacific Coast News]

Penelope Cruz gives us the old, "Hey buddy, the eyes are up here," on the red carpet at the Pirates of the Caribbean 90: Money Is Still Green premiere this weekend. [Image via Getty]

After a night on the town, Vanessa Hudgens was confused by a furry piece of clothing. When she asked what it was, someone said, "It's a wrap." [Image via Pacific Coast News]

"Yes, I'm really an Olsen sister. Yes, I'm in this Martha Marcy May Marlene movie. I swear!" [Image via Getty]

The Pirates of the Caribbean red carpet got interesting when Helen Mirren made all the studs line up to choose which would be the most acceptable for her date. [Image via Getty]

The latest shot of my current fashion obsession: Chinese superstar Fan Bing Bing. [Image via Getty]

Watch Out! Charlotte Rampling is a vampire! [Image via Getty]

Faye has done away with the idea of having a normal face. [Image via Getty]

"You talking to me, kid?" [Image via Bauer-Griffin]

Rob Lowe is still foxy after all these years. [Image via Bauer-Griffin]