With the relative "success" of Logo's Gay Housewives program The A List they've moved their cameras down south and are starting production any day now on The A List: Dallas. You wouldn't think that the Texas town would be a hotbed of craven homosexual fame whores, but you'd be wrong.

Thanks to a rather amusing drunk dial, I got the complete cast list, minus one mystery man who was cast at the last minute. Logo confirmed that all these people will be on the show. According to my tipster, the Dallas gays' preoccupation is doing anything they can to beat the New York crew (who are currently filming their second season) in the ratings. What ever would they resort to? Probably lots of neck rolling and hair pulling.

Here's what info I could find out about the gang thanks to a little bit of Googling and a little bit of Facebook stalking.

Chase Hutchinson: We already knew that this former evangelical Christian and mortgage broker was going to be part of the cast, so this is just confirmation. At least we have a cute shirtless picture to share! Based on this self-described "snooty, pompous asshole's" blog he should make for more than a few eye rolls.

James Doyle: Looks like Mr. Doyle is asking and telling. This Oklahoma native and student of PR now works for the U.S. Air Force and is even wearing dog tags in his Facebook photo. Based on his fondness of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, we'd have to guess that being on this show isn't the first time that military officials will know had an inkling about his sexual orientation. He's the one on the right in the photo above, along with Levi Crocker and Beau Bumpas.

Beau Bumpas: No, ladies, you can not make a name like that up! Anyway, Beau is a photographer about town who seems to specialize in headshots for Dallas' finest and pictures of half naked men in their underwear. At least one of those is our favorite kind of pictures! Well, we can say one thing, Beau sure is cute, and his hair is much better than that of A List: New York's gay photog, Mike Ruiz.

Levi Crocker: Levi Crocker is apparently the hot cowboy that we heard about previously. Giddy up! He even looks good in his mug shot for a drunk driving bust. The 26-year-old Crocker is from a rural town in Oklahoma, population 122. We guess he knows a thing or two about steers and queers, but just how will this country boy mix with the big city boys on the show?

Ashley Kelly: While most girls who love boys who love boys would have a quote from Karen Walker on their homepage, Ms. Kelly hits us with a Bible verse. "Commit your plans to the LORD, and they will succeed." Well, that's different. Like Beau Bumpas (I can't get enough of that name), Kelly is a photographer, but she seems content taking snaps of local weddings and doesn't have the social or fashion photography aspirations of her castmate. She has one thing going for her though, she sure is hot in that former beauty pageant kind of way! Now if only she could get over her fondness for pink track suits.

So, here they are, and I know you just can't wait for this fall to make fun of them all. They will also be joined by an an African-American gentleman, but my tipster didn't know about him just yet. If you know his identity or any hot gossip about these fine fellows (and Ashley) drop me a line.

Update: Looks like the final castmember is Phillip Willis, who works at the W Hotel in Dallas. He loves the Real Housewives of Atlanta, so he should be ready to do some of his own brawling on reality TV.