Two mayors in Massachusetts are livid over brownies called Lazy Cakes, that contain 8mg of sleep aid melatonin, saying the cartoon on the package is a scheme to attract children. The mayors of Fall River and New Bedford now want them banned. One doctor called the Lazy Cakes marketing scheme "heinous," while one mayor called it "despicable." So much anger, man. But the company told the Boston Herald that Lazy Larry, the budget brownie version of Sponge Bob, isn't meant to attract kids at all:

"He's a relaxed brownie. That was the visual representation of a relaxed brownie. That was the purpose of using him. We gave him a personality."

Sure. Could Lazy Cakes become the next Four Loko, causing a nationwide parental panic attack? Probably not. We all know what a real "relaxed brownie" is, and it's not this bullshit. And since when is melatonin considered a "real" drug anyway?

[Boston Herald; screengrab via Lazy Cakes]