Child Protective Services drops by the hospital to pay Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon a visit. Miranda Lambert "harvests" some venison for her wedding. Arnold and Sly go out for lunch. Sunday gossip is just friends with Salman Rushdie, really.

[There was a video here]

New York Los Angeles Child Protective Services visited Mariah Carey at the hospital over allegations that she named one of her children "Moroccan." Ha, no, obviously, they showed up because "there had been allegations that there was drug and alcohol use during the stay in the hospital," according to her husband and umbrella-holder Nick Cannon, who called the accusation "ridiculous." Cannon thinks the rumor was started when a nurse joked with Carey about drinking Guinness because "the yeast improves breastfeeding." Though, honestly, if you were a social worker, wouldn't you be constantly checking up on the children of famous people? Just in case you and Mariah ended up getting along really well? And maybe she'd do a private concert for you? At your wedding? [Us]

  • Country singers Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton got married, to each other, at a ranch in Texas. They served venison, which Lambert "harvested" herself, from a deer tree. Shelton sat in one of those big chairs from The Voice the whole time. [People]
  • Lindsay Lohan is going to be sober for the rest of her life, according to her friends. [TMZ]
  • Confirmed huge nerd Olivia Wilde had dinner with author Salman Rushdie the other night. They're family friends, apparently (Wilde's parents are journalists Andrew and Leslie Cockburn); but get real, this is Salman Rushdie we're talking about. [NYP]
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone had lunch together following the announcement that Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver had split up. They feasted on the bones of lesser men. [Daily Mail]

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