Hey, terrorists! If you're considering blowing up New York but were worried about the NYPD's crack anti-terrorism team foiling your plot, don't worry: Here's what the largest police department in the country is on the lookout for. A blogger just found the plans in the trash.

Bucky Turco, proprietor of Animal New York, found a document from the NYPD's Chemical Ordinance, Biological and Radiological Awareness (COBRA) task force and posted it on his blog. He writes:

This past Thursday night, I found this document sitting in the garbage can in front of the NYPD's Manhattan South Task Force stationhouse on 42nd Street. And by sitting, I mean, it was the only piece of trash in the bottom of the can. (Don't ask me why I look in garbage cans - just a habit.)

The document—which a footnote says "must be destroyed upon completion—reveals the makeup and locations of various COBRA teams around terrorist favorite Times Square. It also gives a checklist of what to look for when screening for potential threats. In the hands of terrorists, that's a handy checklist of what not to do.

So, COBRA teams are looking for:

  • "New or shiny bolts and/or screws"
  • "Unusual fingerprints of grease and/or oil in otherwise clean areas"
  • "Driver does not have a logbook

Eh, It's nothing spectacular, but still does not look too good for the NYPD.

Kudos to Turco for some of that classic "digging through the garbage" journalism we all thought died with email. As for the NYPD: Listen, we know everyone's feeling pretty safe and secure now that bin Laden's dead. But that doesn't mean you can just go strewing secret counterterrorism plans around like Big Mac wrappers.

[Images via Animal New York]