In your finally Friday media column: Greta Van Susteren creeps about the globe, Joe Biden absolutely loves reporters, Arianna Huffington vs. the NYT continues mildly, a hot new journalism trend, and a NewsBeast departure.

  • Greta Van Susteren, Sarah Palin's best friend at Fox News, has succeeded in broadcasting her show live from inside North Korea. Her companion on the trip was evangelist Franklin Graham. Congratulations, Greta Van Susteren: the world's most repressive regime has judged you to be the least threatening reporter in America. Put it on a plaque.
  • Shailagh Murray, formerly of the WaPo, was the lucky reporter who replaced Jay Carney, formerly of Time, as Joe Biden's press secretary. But Biden reportedly considered others, including Chip Reid of CBS and John Dickerson of Slate. Why does Joe Biden love reporters so much? Probably because reporters love booze.
  • Arianna Huffington is talking trash about the New York Times (paywall)! Feud! Fight! Etc! The fact is that Huffington rightly owes the NYT at least five or six good insults just to even up the ongoing sniping war. Saying their paywall is easy to get around doesn't even count.
  • Hot new trend in journalism: good writing.
  • Brekke Fletcher, the managing editor of Tina Brown's NewsBeast, is leaving to take a job at the Wall Street Journal's weekend magazine. One could say that the fact that such a move would be interpreted as a step up is a bad sign for NewsBeast! But we do not attempt to judge the murky motives of mankind.

[Photo: AP]