These photos of Arnold Schwarzenegger posing as the Admiral of Areolae come to you straight from 1986, the year he wed newly estranged wife Maria Shriver. We don't know why or where they were taken. But that won't stop us from guessing!

Best guess: Le Crazy Horse Saloon's British Royal Guard routine.
Sexiest guess: Arnold went to see the British version of the Rockettes. His hotness melted their leotards right off.
Patriotic guess: Troops need support, seek help from a future politician.
Careerist guess: Before he wanted to be governor of California, Arnold dreamed of being prime minister of Italy.
Second-best guess: British royal guard porno. What is it about bearskins that makes people want to fuck?

This man was in charge of the most populous state in America for eight years. God bless America. [Images via Bauer-Griffin, click to enlarge]