Your crush from the early '90s is in trouble and he needs your help. Particularly if you are an executive at Fox television. Also today: NBC announces some new shows, Craig Kilborn is back in the game, and Stephenie Meyer wins again.

  • Yesterday we found out that poor Christian Slater had gone 0 for 3. His third show in as many years, the Fox comedy Breaking In, was canceled by the network in a surprising and cruel turn of events. But hark, what light from yonder network executive's window breaks! It seems that Fox is in some sort of talks with Sony TV, who produces the show, to possibly bring it back. Oh, do it guys! Do it for ol' Jason Dean. Let's start a petition! Let's start a chant! Christian Slater graduates! Christian Slater graduates! Come on, Fox. You can do it. [Deadline]
  • In other upfronts news, NBC has early announced the pick up of four series. They'll be doing business next fall with Britain-stolen Prime Suspect starring Maria Bello, with the Broadway musical drama Smash starring Debra Messing and American Idol's Katharine McPhee, with the Emily Spivey-written working mom comedy starring Christina Applegate (yay!), and with Whitney, a ladycomedy starring comedian Whitney Cummings. Oh so that genre is back, the comedian sitcom with the comedian's name in the title! Yesssss! Those were all great. [EW]
  • Jack Black has signed on to star in Michael Winterbottom's Bailout, about Michael Winterbottom doing Jack Black's career a solid. No, it's not about that. Well, I mean, it is, but you know, that's not the plot of the movie. It's actually about a financially ruined man who meets some dudes in a supermarket and vows to turn his life around. It's based on Jess Walter's novel The Financial Lives of the Poets, which my parents got me for Christmas last year and I still haven't read. Sorry guys! Guess I'll just go see the Jack Black movie instead. [THR]
  • Aw, remember Craig Kilborn, the dude what used to host The Daily Show (and the Late Late Show)? Yeah. Long time ago. But now he's back! Well, he's been back, on a regionally broadcast talk show, but now he's really back in a real way. He's signed a deal with ABC to write and star in a show! That's good news. You know, you start to worry about people, haven't heard from 'em in a little while, you just... you know, your mind goes there sometimes. So it's good to know that everyone's alive and well and living in Hollywood. [Deadline]
  • Apparently there's a rumor floating around that Ashton Kutcher is on a short list of actors being considered for the Charlie Sheen replacement thing on Two and a Half Men. Oh come on, everyone. This is just so sad. Shut it down. Just shut the thing down. Haven't you made your millions, CBS? Isn't that many millions enough? You don't need more millions from this dead cow. Stop trying to milk it. As my mother used to say, "No one's going to buy the cow if it's dead." Think about it, CBS. [B&C]
  • Sigh. Good director Andrew Niccol has officially signed on to direct The Host, a movie adaptation of literary giant Stephenie Meyer's sci-fi romance novel. So unfair! Stephenie Meyer's crap gets a cool director like Andrew Niccol (well, OK, the only good movie he's directed is Gattaca, but he wrote The Truman Show!) and what director does the movie adaptation of my stunning ten-book modern gothic horror romance The Deflowering of Marjorie Ravenswood get? It gets me, weeping and drunk, trying to take video with my telephone. Life is unfair, little ones. Always remember that. [Deadline]

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