Dan Adler, a former Disney executive running for Congress in L.A., has released the Jim Belushi SNL skit of campaign ads. In a bid to reach Asian constituents, Adler, a Democrat, saunters into a laundromat where a Korean lady screams, "I HAVE ISSUES! MEDICARE! I'M KOREAN!" Then, some unusually straightforward race-pandering:

Adler: [chuckles] My wife is Korean, too.
Adler: My family is Jewish.
Lady: Great, another Jewish guy with an Asian wife living in a mansion in California. WE MINORITIES SHOULD STICK TOGETHER.

Since Adler is the "Hollywood candidate" who likes to brag about his experience with "new technologies and entertainment initiatives," I'm guessing this is an attempt at humor and/or internet virality. Or maybe he just wants his Korean in-laws to hate him? Talking Points Memo calls it the Demon Sheep strategy: An ad so bizarrely off-tone that it becomes popular online. Apparently political messaging is caught up with the age of Rebecca Black.

In other news, is this guy straight out of central casting for "Asian rogues in urban settings," or what? The characters on his chest say, "I don't know who the fuck Dan Adler is, but he got me a meeting at CAA, and I am so sick of playing Yakuza members in procedural crime shows, so I guess I'll do whatever he says." [Adler2011 via TPM]