It's no secret that American Apparel founder Dov Charney can't keep it in his pants. He apparently can't keep it in his computer, either. Long ago, American Apparel experienced a gross security breach that is now the stuff of office legend.

Six or seven years ago a young office worker stumbled on a secret American Apparel website that hosted files for the company, The site has long since been locked down, but at the time the worker found it was accessible without a login. And American Apparel's internal documents were wide open to anyone who knew the URL.

Exploring American Apparel's internal files like some spelunker descending into a pastel cave, our hero found a folder full of what appeared to be Dov Charney's personal photos. There were a lot of boring travel pics. Then there was a black-and-white cock shot: Dov is mid-stroke, his dick wedged between the bare legs of the woman taking the picture.

The office worker did what anyone would do upon finding such an artifact: He downloaded it and sent it around to his office mates.

"This picture has been a internal running joke for many, many years," he tells us. "[My coworker] will often rename it something like 'saleschart.jpg' and send it to me via iChat with some sort of urgent text, and I double click it every single time."

And now the Legend of Dov's Dong continues with you, dear reader. As far as we can tell, this particular picture of Dov's dong has never been seen outside of and our source's snickering office buddies. (Years ago, Dov appeared bottomless in an American Apparel ad in Vice.) But since Dov apparently makes a habit of covertly releasing other people's dirty pictures, it's only fair.