In your peerless Thursday media column: Bill Keller twit-muses, Jim Lehrer is leaving, a National Magazine Award is controversial, more on the NYT's Week in Review revamp, and the internet spawns another millionaire.

  • NYT editor Bill Keller muses, on the Twitter: "#TwitterMakesYouStupid. discuss." Well in your case, Bill, yes. OR: With capitalization like that, I dunno, maybe? OR: Not as stupid as your columns! OR: I'd be more inclined to say that Morning Joe makes you stupid.
  • Jim Lehrer has been an anchor on PBS for 636 years. Kidding! Just 36 years. But he's leaving on June 6. Totally and completely? No, he'll still appear on PBS as a moderator and here and there. He will not stop until the casket drops, yall.
  • Some people (right wingers! Jack Shafer!) are mad that a Harper's piece about Guantanamo suicides won the National Magazine Award for reporting, over other more impactful stories. Here is a discussion of the beef. Can we say they were all good? No? Okay.
  • Michael Calderone has an update on the previously announced shakeup of the NYT's Week in Review section: more forward-looking! More opinionated! And perhaps a name change to "Sunday Review." Whoa, now. Whoa.
  • WebMediaBrands, the company that owns Mediabistro, has bought Inside Network—home of Inside Facebook and Inside Twitter and etc. you get the idea—for $14 million(!)! If you ever need to sell anything, for any reason, be sure to sell it to WebMediaBrands.

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