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Remember that terrible mother who said she gives Botox and "virgin waxes" to her 8-year-old daughter to improve her chances at beauty pageants? Good Morning America tracked her down. Apparently Kerry Campbell—an aesthetician who regularly injects botulims into her daughter's face—is real, and says she's doing nothing wrong.

Botox Mom says her baby wants the procedures: "We talked about it. She didn't exactly ask me about it, but I know she was complaining about her face having wrinkles, and things like that." (Kerry keeps referring to "wrinkles," but when she points them out in pictures, I'm pretty sure she's just pointing at daughter Britney's dimples?) "It's a tough world in the pageant world, I'm telling you," the hard-knock child abuser concludes. [GMA via Jezebel]


Mom Gives 8-Year-Old Botox and 'Virgin Waxes'