Last night marked the start of the Cannes Film Festival, Hollywood's paid vacation to the south of France. So, who's currently caught up in the collision of blockbusters and indies? Oh, just about every star on earth. Here are just a few.

Cannes jury member Uma Thurman has no idea how she got to be so hot either. [Image via Getty]

Lady Gaga performs a concert for Canal+ Studios. [Image via Getty]

Dustin Hoffman does not want to play Angelia Jolie and Jack Black's panda games at the Kung Fu Panda 2: This Time It's Panda-sonal press conference. [Image via Getty]

Salma Hayek only surrounds herself with billionaires like her husband Francois-Henri Pinault and Jeffrey Katzenberg. [Image via Getty]

I'm seriously loving John C Reilly's ensemble at the We Need to Talk About Kevin press conference. [Image via Getty]

Speaking of outfits at the We Need to Talk About Kevin press conference, Tilda Swinton (center) looks amazing as always, but it's the girl on the right rocking the Grace Jones T-shirt who wins the day. [Image via Getty]

This is how Antonio Banderas' soul feels every time he has to touch Melanie Griffith in public. [Image via Getty]

Jury member Robert De Niro tries his new stand up act on stage at the opening ceremony. [Image via Getty]

My current fashion obsession: Chinese superstar Fan Bing Bing. [Image via Getty]

This is like the creepiest family photo ever of Woody Allen, Rachel McAdams, and that British guy who only plays Tony Blair at the premiere of Allen's latest film Midnight in Paris. [Image via Getty]

Jury member Jude Law is as cool as his career a cucumber before the opening ceremony. [Image via Getty]

Faye Dunaway does her best Gloria Swanson on the red carpet. [Image via Getty]