This megastar lured someone to his Vegas hotel room and gave the person herpes—and now there's a $20 million lawsuit in the works. This actor hit his wife. And this celebrity is getting ready to come out next week. Could the dude with the herpes be gay and forced out of the closet as well?

1. "A new lawsuit obtained by TMZ alleges "An A-list celebrity of 'substantial fame internationally' knowingly exposed a sex partner to the herpes virus. But here's the rub—the suit doesn't name the celeb.
According to the suit, the plaintiff—who also is not named—met the celebrity in Las Vegas April 1. The suit claims the celeb—a male who is worth in excess of $100 million—'entered into a nefarious plot designed to lure Plaintiff into his luxurious hotel room to serve his prurient desires.' The suit claims the celeb told the plaintiff he had 'no venereal diseases.' At that point, they watched porn and engaged in 'mutual oral copulation, mutual self-gratification, rubbing and massaging each other, play-wrestling, licking and (unprotected) intercourse.' And, it was all videotaped! According to the lawsuit, filed by attorney Keith Davidson, it didn't end well, because the plaintiff contracted herpes. The suit claims the celeb knew all along he had herpes and lied to the plaintiff in order to satisfy his desires. The plaintiff—not identified as either a man or a woman—is suing for more than $20 million." [TMZ]

2. "Once a jerk, always a jerk. This former B-list movie actor is probably a C+ on a good day. He as married to an B+ movie and television actress but that went sour because of his proclivity for violence. Currently he is married again, but told friends the other night the couple had split. The reason? 'Oh, I whacked her once and she got all pissed.' The actor barely works and his pickup line usually involves him mentioning who he used to be married to." [CDaN]

3. "Which prominent TV personality is about to come out with the help of public relations guru Howard Bragman, who has helped dozens of celebs announce their sexuality? The media blitz will begin next week." [P6]

4. "Fans of this long-running television show will be disappointed to know that it is ending. At the upfronts next week, they will announce that the next season will definitely be the show's last. They will claim that it's because they want to go out on top and that their star plans to move on to another exciting new project. Neither of these things is true. The truth is that the ratings have fallen over the past couple of seasons, and that the show's pretty star has no idea what they will be doing next. They are also very, very worried about being labeled a has-been. After all, this is the third or fourth TV show they've been responsible for that will have met its demise in as many years. Sometimes show business can be ugly." [Blind Gossip]

5. "Which apparently clean singer has a huge drug problem and had to make a big payout to a tour manager, who quit and sued after he was asked to look after a suitcase that turned out to be packed with drug paraphernalia?" [P6]