Are you a 20-something who often reminisces wistfully on your high school prom, the most magical night of your life? The time when you felt beautiful, before the marriage and the kids and the end of discretionary "fun" activities, at age 23? Because you like your kids, I mean, you love them, of course, as well as the part-time job at the Dress Barn, and hubby Rick is really the apple of your eye, always will be, even if he's gained a few pounds since high school, but back then on prom night there was just this sense of, what, is "possibility" the word you're looking for? Yes, well. Never mind. Dreams really do come true.

Because you can go to prom again—but older, this time!

This is prime prom season, the time when teenage girls spend hundreds of dollars for what they hope will be the perfect night. But in an increasing number of cities those teenagers searching for their prom gowns are brushing elbows with grown women, some at least double their age. Adult proms have already taken place in Fort Wayne, Ind., and Beverly, Mass., this year. Others are planned in Decatur, Ga., and Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

From Fort Wayne to Cedar Rapids, the people who never escaped from their hometown's black hole are finally "escaping" for an enchanting evening of legal booze and dancing with their husband, who is wearing the same Men's Wearhouse suit he wears to church. It's just... great.

[NYT; photo via Andres Rodriguez/ Flickr]