Andrea Peyser, an angry tabloid sex columnist in New York City, is an expert on all matters military, thanks purely to her hatred of gays and Muslims. Today, she uses that hard-earned sexxxpertise to pick apart the most recent outrages against Army and Country by Commie crosstown rag "The New York Times."

  • After Osama bin Laden was killed, the NYT portrayed U.S. armed forces "as blood-thirsty butchers. And worse." I guess I missed that story.
  • Last year's NYT story on a female unit of Marines in Afghanistan "infantilized the women." Andrea Peyser is outraged by such behavior.
  • The NYT dared to publish "a make-believe story asserting that there existed a national 'debate' on the value of torture as a means for extracting information from terrorists." Can you imagine?
  • Worst of all, in 2008 the Times ran a story on how many Iraq and Afghanistan veterans were charged with murder—despite the fact that "David Ruff, a friend" tells Andrea that his nephew Chris, a Marine, "returns every time with a wonderful attitude."

Andrea Peyser is available to teach you some journalismism lessons whenever you're ready, "Gray Lady." Or should we say "Gay Lady, Making Out With bin Laden?"

You stop reading Andrea Peyser for a few weeks and when you check back, there she is, still.