Imagine blowing through a stop sign, then getting Tasered eight times by cops for it? That's what happened to 43-year-old Allen Kephart in in Blue Jay, California this week. A San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman, Cindy Bachman, told the Los Angeles Times that Kephart was pulled over and "became combative and uncooperative." Then this happened:

"The deputy attempted to place him under arrest, at which time he was Tased," Bachman said. "He became unconscious, and medical aid was immediately provided, CPR."

He was later declared dead at a hospital. Kephart's father said he had high blood pressure, and he weighed about 350 pounds. He also said witnesses dispute the claim that Kephart was "combative" with police.

And that's yet another example of what a "non-lethal" weapon can do in the hands of overzealous cops.

[LAT; image via AP]