Your mom might be part of a Detroit pickpocketing ring, but that's small potatoes compared to what your grandma could be up to. A mother and child were held up at gunpoint outside a Target store in San Bernardino by a woman "who might be 80," wearing a "neutral-colored faded muumuu with a multi-colored scarf covering her face." After brandishing a "black handgun," she snatched the victim's purse and drove off in a car with a missing hubcap. The M.O. matches a similar robbery Tuesday outside a Wal-Mart and Monday outside a Kohl's. Sound like any kindly old ladies you might know? If anyone has any leads about the Muumuu Bandit, you're encouraged to notify the authorities immediately.

UPDATE: We can all breathe a little easier tonight, as the Muumuu Bandit has been nabbed by police. Turns out she was only 51. That's what a life of crime will do to your skin, people. [AP, photo via Warner Home Video]