A high school class in Louisville, Ky. just went on the best field trip, ever! If you like finding bodies. Because that's what they did! They found a body, face-down "by a creek behind the school in a wooded area."

The students — who are now bound by law to form a detective team and solve the Mystery of the Creek Behind the School in a Wooded Area — were "walking behind the high school as part of their Humanities [Ed. note: Apropos!] class." (Welcome to "field trips" in the brave new world of public education.) They saw the corpse around 1:30, and, like a bunch of little nerds, told their teacher immediately.

Police don't know who the victim is, and haven't released any other information. The school was not locked down, which is a good thing, because these crime-solving teens have got their work cut out for them.

[Fox 41; image via Shutterstock]