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The city council in Garden Grove, California, voted unanimously to ban naked waitresses in their coffee houses. Apparently these establishments, mostly in Orange County's Little Saigon neighborhood, have waitresses who wear see-through bras and panties which leave nothing to the imagination. And it gets better!

They also have illegal gambling and allow patrons to smoke while enjoying their "coffee." These places, with names like Cafe Miss Cutie, sound totally awesome! You can see some titties, have coffee, smoke indoors, and play blackjack on a jury-rigged Pac-Man machine. Why would you want to get rid of these places, and why aren't they advertising them to tourists? They sound spectacular!

The new law says the girls can still wear bikinis, but no more of that see-through stuff, and they have to stop the smoking and gambling. Damn, that's just enough to turn a den of inequity into a Hooters with cappuccino.

[Video via KLTA]