You know what probably no one in the world has ever thought, until this second? "I wish my cigarettes had social-networking capabilities." But the engine of innovation churns crazily on, so now there are social networking electronic cigarettes.

Blu, maker of electronic cigarettes, have developed a new pack with "sensors that will let users know when other e-smokers are nearby." From the Times:

The new "smart packs," which will go on sale next month for $80 for five e-cigarettes, are equipped with devices that emit and search for the radio signals of other packs. When they get within 50 feet of one another, the packs vibrate and flash a blue light.

The founder of Blu raves "you'll meet more people than ever, just because of the wow factor." Of course he neglects to mention what kind of people: e-cigarette smokers. If your idea of a great time is chilling outside the 7-11 with weird goth teenagers, eastern european clubbers and Katherine Heigl, then Blu is for you.

Meanwhile, we're waiting for the t-shirt that will vibrate and flash when someone nearby is feeling a similar sense of existential dread while reading articles about social networking electronic cigarettes. Unlike random e-cigarette fans, we'd have a lot to talk about. [<a href="

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