Who wasn't saddened to learn that the 25-year marriage of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver—as rock solid, we all assumed, as any individual Arnold body part circa 1985—had dissolved before our very eyes?

The Schwarzeneggerses were the best! They were like your friend's fun parents who let you go diving in their barbell-shaped swimming pool, even though you had just eaten lunch. (I lead a rich fantasy life.)

Arnold spoke about the breakup yesterday to a crowd of deeply concerned Jewish mothers at the 63rd Israel Independence Day Celebration in LA last night. Here was what he said:

"I want to take a moment and thank our many friends and family for the tremendous amount of support and love that you have given us in the last 24 hours. I just spoke to Maria an hour ago before I came here. We both were saying the same thing – we're extremely blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people, by so many wonderful friends.

"We both love each other very much. We're very fortunate to have four extraordinary children. And we're taking it one day at a time. The bottom line is we want to thank all the people for their great, great support."


  • They are speaking
  • They're taking it one day at a time
  • They love each other very much
  • They have four extraordinary children
  • They are appreciative of their great, great support

It's comforting, somehow, even if it means nothing in the long run. We now return you to your previous, Schwarzenegger Divorce Movie Quote Drinking Game, already in session.

[People, image via Getty]