Hard times make for creative living solutions. An air conditioner repairman noticed something unusual while working on a Waffle House in Augusta, Georgia: Someone had apparently set up a modest home for himself on the restaurant's roof.

First responders were called to the scene, and found a dehydrated man, who they took to a nearby hospital. No one seemed to know how long he'd been living there, or how he got there in the first place.

[Eyewitness] James Mayle, when asked if he'd seen anything like, said "No, you never expect anything like this, a person on top of the roof at a Waffle House? No, never that."

That's actually a pretty clever maneuver, because who in their right minds would ever look on the roof of a Waffle House? One can only picture all the remnants of long-missing Kid Rock enemies and discarded sausage gravy just festering up there.

And leave it to that other "house" of griddled delights, IHOP, for having long ago devised a creative solution to deterring squatters. Slanty-roofed ski chalets for the win! [WAGT, photo via Rich Kaszeta's Flickr]