Attention, New Yorkers: Have you seen this bird? A female peacock — technically, we suppose, a peahen — is currently roaming the Bronx, having freed itself from the Bronx Zoo only a few weeks after fellow zoo occupant Mia the cobra escaped.

Peafowl (that's peacocks and peahens both) "roam freely" at the zoo and "occasionally" wander off. "They want to be at the zoo," curator of ornithology Nancy Clum told The New York Daily News, which is perhaps true for some, lesser, birds; this particular peafowl, however, seem to be enjoying herself: She was seen near the E. 180th St. subway station, eating a hamburger bun and basking in the attention of onlookers. "I don't know if she's confused or adventurous," says Clum, to which we say, adventurous, definitely.

Later, the peahen was spotted "on top of a parked van on Morris Park Ave., a few blocks from the zoo," being pursued by three zoo employees carrying, yes, nets. Bronx resident Mingo Ortiz is pessimistic about their chances: "Somebody is going to steal it and keep it as a pet. It's the Bronx, man."