First the cowboys, and now the dinosaurs. Well, actually the dinosaurs probably came first, timeline was. But whatever. The aliens are coming for 'em, and a big movie is in the works! Also today: Alec Baldwin does something smart, Al Pacino does something dumb, and, of course, Hunger Games.

  • Barry Sonnenfeld sure likes his aliens! He's finishing up directing Men in Black 3 right now, and next he plans to create a movie and graphic novel called Dominion: Dinosaurs Versus Aliens. Dinosaurs versus aliens? Haven't we seen that before? ZINGO ZANGO. Ya burnt, respected actor who I love and has been in so many amazing movies. Ya straight up burnt. Um, so, yeah! Apparently the dinosaurs are actually really smart (Do they talk? We don't know yet) and the aliens come and there's a big fight and that's it. Dinosaurs vs. aliens... Hm, haven't we seen that before? Ya burnt, sad old lizard man. Ya burnt for life. [Deadline]
  • Alec Baldwin has wisely decided to drop out of Rock of Ages, the movie adaptation of the hair band jukebox musical. The whole thing, what with its cheese factor and the presence of Tom Cruise and Julianne Hough, is all a little beneath him. No, if Mr. Baldwin wants to do a musical, I say he should do South Pacific. Oh wait, he already did and it was great! [THR]
  • Hungah. You have it. Don't lie. You have the Hungah! The hungah for Hunger Games! Everyone has it now, sorry. We're all Hunger Games-hungry zombies. Well today we now know who will play the tributes from livestock-raising District 10. They're two no-names, which makes sense. The only thing we know about either of the characters really is that the boy has a limp. And that they, uh, grow up to lead good, full lives and nothing horrible ever happens to them. [EW]
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis have paired up to star in Still I Rise, a movie about yeast. Haha, what, no it is about two moms crusading to make public schools better. So it's for socialists. Great. Hippie dips like Gyllenhaal and Davis can have their crumbling schools and crumble along with 'em for alls I care. I'm personally looking forward to Angie Harmon and Victoria Jackson in the sure-to-be-stirring movie musical Vouchers!. [Deadline]
  • For god knows what reason, Al Pacino has joined that John Travolta Gotti biopic, taking the role of Neil Dellacroce, an adviser of sorts to the don. Why would Al Pacino join this tacky-sounding project? Oh, because Al Pacino has gone a bit nutty and takes movies like this and Righteous Kill and Two for the Money these days? Ah, OK. Fair enough! [THR]
  • Did you see Something Borrowed this weekend and absolutely fucking love it? You did, didn't you. You fucking loved it. You loved it so fucking much, what with its Kate Hudson and weird not-exactly-Tom Cruise guy and all the badminton jokes. You went fucking nuts for this movie! Well, get excited, because there just might be... a sequel. Yeah there's another book and everything, Something Blue, that makes Kate Hudson's character the main character and follows her to London. So the producers want to make that movie! And Kate Hudson must be thrilled. I mean, what a dream for an actor, to get a second chance to play such a deeply felt, nuanced character. What is she in this one, Kate Hudson being mean? I guess in the next one she'll be Kate Hudson being nice. I bet you can't fucking wait! God knows I can't. [EW]
  • Lupus-themed drama House has been renewed for an eighth season. In South America, and elsewhere I think, they call this show Dr. House because I guess just regular "House" wouldn't make sense, and the way the announcer says it in Chile is very funny. "Doctorr 'Ousssse." It's very pleasing. So yay! More lupus. [TV Line]

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