A weird thing is happening in the sky: planets will align this month. But the strangest thing is happening here on Earth: There's been hardly a peep about disasters and doom. Did the internet forget its hysteria generator at home?

Venus, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter will be "involved in a series of conjunctions" this month. Three planets will join in the sky to form a tightly-bound "trio." Usually, this is cue for every bored office worker to start pounding on their keyboard and making things like "WE ARE DOOMED" trend on Twitter. Indeed, part of the mythos of 2012 doomsayers includes a similar planetary alignment.

But as far as we can tell, nobody's freaking out about the May alignments. Has our species finally evolved to the point where we no longer need to rely on bogus superstition to explain the universe? Or are all the people who actually know something quiet... for a reason? Like, maybe too busy stocking up their Doomsday Shelters with Spam and firearms? Oh, God. We're all going to die!

[Space.com via The Hairpin; image via Getty]