During a web conference with American Apparel store managers today (topic: "store summer-ization and shitty sales in the Midwest") Dov Charney opened the browser on his personal computer. One participant took a screengrab and sent it to us. Above, an annotated guide to Dov Charney's desktop, featuring the following:

  • 20,000+ unread email messages
  • Bookmark to members-only porn site TEN.com
  • Bookmark labeled Kelly Kline, a porn star
  • Bookmark labeled 'good hookers'

Everything you already assumed about Dov Charney's internet life: confirmed! Click here to view full-size image.

Update: And, it seems, Wikipedia's Talk:AmericanApparel page, where users discuss edits to American Apparel's Wikipedia entry. Thanks for noticing, ChrisCroy and Wikipedian.