You can't buy cool, but Google is determined to try. At its annual Google I/O conference in San Francisco, the company is unveiling a music service, and Fast Company hears that Lady Gaga is already shooting ads for it.

The magazine hears "whispers" that Gaga spent several hours shooting a Google commercial in New York last weekend, and presumes, plausibly, that it's for Google Music Beta, an internet locker from which you can stream copies of your MP3s. If history is any guide, that's a risky use of the pop singer's cachet; Google I/O is known for its long string of horrible failures, like Google Wave, Google Friend Connect, and Google Chrome App Store, which with any luck you have not ever heard of.

In other words, Google I/O is nothing like one of Apple's Steve Jobs keynotes, and there's no reason to think Google Music will make a dent against the incumbent iTunes Music Store to say nothing of the Amazon Music Store that preceded it. Gaga's stumbles are usually pretty adorable, but this one's a real stretch.

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