In your blazing Tuesday media column: a new NYT parody, the NYT scores a good columnist for once, the news on the news in jail, the AP wants the bin Laden death photos, and HuffPo bloggers won't put up, so shut up.

  • New today on the World Wide Web:, an admirably deep spoof of the New York Times. Tom Friedman, spoofed! The death of print, spoofed! Bill Keller, spoofed! And obits and Biz Day and Paul Krugman and much much more. It's the latest project from Tony Hendra, who's spoofed plenty of other newspapers before. Well worth checking out, if you hate the NYT. I mean love it!
  • Heyyyy, the NYT Saturday Business section lost Joe Nocera to the op-ed page, but he's being replaced with James Stewart, all-everything business journalist of the first order. I guess they did good with that.
  • Here's a fun WaPo story about prisoners in Maryland who do the broadcast news inside their jail. It's things like that make you want to into journalism, in jail.
  • The AP is asking for the Osama bin Laden death photos, very politely. Every media outlet in America should be backing them up. It's bad business to get into the habit of taking the U.S. government at its word when it comes to any war story, no matter how glorious. Repeat after me: "Pat Tillman. Jessica Lynch. Pat Tillman. Jessica Lynch." Keep repeating, until the photos are released.
  • A new survey of unpaid bloggers at The Huffington Post finds that most of them think that they should be paid, but most also say they'll keep on writing for HuffPo no matter what. Maybe they should all just shut up, then.