Fox Broadcasting employees might want to change their passwords: A database of about 300 employees and associates' email addresses and passwords, apparently stolen from a database, have been leaked by a hacking group that previously stole thousands of X Factor contestants' personal information.

The group Lulz Security has taken credit for the hack. Last night, Lulz Security took over and defaced the LinkedIn accounts of 16 Fox Broadcasting employees and the Twitter accounts of two Fox affiliates, apparently to prove the leak's validity. "Fox News 15 has decided to rape its own face. A sad day for our 25 viewers," read one tweet. They then tweeted a list of emails and passwords, which are mainly employees of Fox Broadcasting and local affiliates of Fox and other networks.

"We invite the Internet to ravage the following list of emails and passwords (from a database within - Facebook, MySpace, PayPal, whatever you can get your hands on," the group wrote. "Take from them everything."

Lulz Security appears to have hacked and stolen a lot of information from, and they're releasing it slowly for maximum effect. Last week, the group leaked a database of 250,000 X Factor USA hopefuls, prompting Fox to email contestants and explain that they were working with the Feds to investigate the breach.

Lulz Security claims they "aren't Anonymous" in their Twitter bio, referring to the notorious Internet vigilante group. (Although they certainly are Anonymous sympathizers, and it seems they protest a bit too much.) They're going to keep leaking every Monday, they say. And considering how these sorts of breaches often snowball as hackers jump from one database to the next, there could be some interesting stuff coming out.