As her husband deploys tanks to kill civilians in cities across Syria, many have wondered where in the world the "glamorous, young, and very chic" Asma al-Assad could be. It turns out that the dual British-Syrian citizen is probably hiding out in west London where she grew up, according to reports. The Telegraph spoke with a "high-ranking Arab diplomatic source" who claims that she is indeed staying in North Acton with her family. The source also said, "Clearly her presence could cause huge embarrassment to the British, so none of this has been made public." Yes, that would be pretty embarrassing!

Perhaps Vogue can track her down for a follow up profile? Maybe an advice piece? Something along the lines of: 'It's Time to Leave Your Husband When He Starts Killing Children', or 'Ten Signs That He's Not the Right Man for You'. Something like that.

[Telegraph; "If you're naughty, we'll send the tanks after you, okay?" via AP]