The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge left for their honeymoon today, according to a statement from Clarence House, which added, "The couple have asked that their privacy be respected during their honeymoon."

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail reports that the couple will be staying at "an exclusive villa that costs £4,000-a-night" on an island in the Indian Ocean (*cough* somewhere in the Seychelles *cough*). The newspaper also says that it knows the exact location, while Kate does not. More exciting details, from the paper:

Only a handful of luxury villas are dotted across the island. Hand-crafted from local wood, each has an open-air bathroom area with sunken bath and shower, a private garden and a wooden deck with freshwater rock pool and yoga pavilion.

There is a butler on hand in every villa, and a personal chef will conjure up a daily menu based on freshly-caught fish and whatever delicacies the couple wish.

The area is an eco-haven and while snorkelling, kayaking or diving are encouraged, its tranquillity is preserved with a ban on jet skis and similar watersports.

My god. That sounds like... a place you could picture a Duke and Duchess going on their honeymoon. And no jet skis? F that.

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