While our federal government continues to spend its taxpayers' money on useless things like the U.S. Senate, the Pacific island nation of Samoa is doing something awesome: Time-traveling. Into the future!

On December 29 of this year, Samoans will go to bed as though it were any other day. But they will wake up [dons sunglasses] in the future! Twenty-four hours in the future, to be exact, on December 31, moving it to the other side of the International Date Line and putting the country on the same day schedule as their neighbors to the west.

Time travel is, obviously, a dangerous thing for an island to do (what if Samoa kills its dad by mistake?!), but Samoa has experience: In 1889, the country traveled back in time by celebrating Independence Day twice and getting on the same schedule as the U.S. Back then, though, traders in California were more important to the Samoan economy; now, California is slowly sinking into the sea and more than 150,000 Samoans live in Australia and New Zealand, plus, New Zealand was where they shot Lord of the Rings, so.

The point being, if you have something you don't want to do, schedule it for December 30, in Samoa. Hey, your friends will say, weren't you supposed to have jury duty on December 30 in Samoa? And you'll just laugh, and laugh, and explain to them that there is no December 30 in Samoa, and maybe they'll buy you a beer or something.

[Teleraph; image via Shutterstock]