The Obama administration has gone through all of the properties the federal government owns and come up with "roughly 14,000 buildings and structures currently designated as excess and thousands of others that are underutilized." It plans to sell "or get rid of" as many of these as possible over the next three years, which will supposedly save $15 billion.

Do you still dabble in real estate, even after the housing bubble's implosion left you with dozens of underwater properties on your hands? Well you can start ruining your life all over again right now, because the White House has plotted over 7,000 of these properties on an interactive map.

Haven't you always dreamed of being the proud owner of the Heart Butte Pumping Plants in Elgin, North Dakota? Or perhaps the king of some 140 square foot castle at the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area in Mosier, Oregon? Well get on it, quick, before Donald Trump converts these properties into a private national network of black-with-gold-trim toilet encampments. [via Ezra Klein; image via the White House]