Bristol Palin, daughter of Sarah, former star dancer, do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do abstinence advocate, and facial shape shifter, has her own reality show. No, it's not Extreme Makeover. It's some crazy project for the Bio channel.

The Bio channel has nothing to do with science, which is good, because nothing scares Republicans more than science. It's the old Biography channel that basically just consists of reruns of the A&E show. The ten 30-minute episodes will feature Bristol moving from Alaska to Los Angeles to work at a charity. Wait, doesn't she live in Arizona? We guess the only thing Republicans hate more than science is reality—even on reality TV. Of course she'll have her baby in tow, because if Teen Mom is a hit Tea (Party) Mom should be a hit, too. Way to continue deglamorizing the life of the teen mother, Bristol.

When she gets to L.A. Bristol will move in with fellow star dancer and former That's So Raven star Kyle Massey. Is he going to work at the charity too? Is the charity reinvigorating Kyle Massey's career. Also, will Kyle Massey have to show Bristol his birth certificate before he moves in to prove he wasn't born in Kenya? Anyway, this thing is going to be totally insane which means, yes, I'll totally be watching.

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