We all knew that Aaron Schock, the abs-baring Republican congressman from Illinois, was seriously cut, but now he's posing fully shirtless in Men's Health. And his body is even better than we thought.

But Schock doesn't get his body looking so tight cause he's vain or wants to get laid. He does it so that America will get fit, too. Yes, he wants us all to be shirtless on the cover of Men's Health and is working with them for the Fit for Life Summer Challenge so that Americans will stop being so fat and everyone will look buff in their bathing suits. Aaron Schock: beautifying America one body at a time.

If you want to look like Schock the answer is simple: weight training, running 5 miles a day, and doing the silly P90X exercise DVD that is all the rage with members of Congress. It may sound kooky, but if you end up looking like this, it might be worth it a few hours of Body By Jake.

The one other thing we learned from his spread in the magazine, is that Schock looks just as gay with his clothes off as he does with his clothes on.