One need only look to the iPad 2 feeding frenzies currently gripping China for evidence that Apple is the hottest brand on the planet. And now it's official: Research company Millward Brown puts Apple at the top of their annual 100 global brand power list, knocking Google off the throne its held for four years running. The iPad has helped Apple grow 84%, to an estimated worth of $153 billion.

Facebook made its first appearance on the list, ranking 35th and valued at $70 billion, which could grow up to $19 billion more when they go public next year. (That's keeping in line with WSJ's reported $100 billion valuation.) 14th place Amazon surpassed 15th place Wal-Mart, making it the highest ranking retailer. And after a tough year, Toyota bounced back to become the highest-ranking car maker, in 27th place.

And the biggest loser? That would be BP, which fell 30 places to 64th, with a 27% decrease in value, now put at $12 billion.

TOP 10 Most Valuable Global Brands

  • 1. Apple $153bn
  • 2. Google $111bn
  • 3. IBM $100bn
  • 4. McDonald's $81bn
  • 5. Microsoft $78bn
  • 6. Coca Cola $73bn
  • 7. AT&T $70bn
  • 8. Marlboro $67bn
  • 9. China Mobile $57bn
  • 10. GE $50bn

[Guardian, photo via Apple]