Angelina Jolie is sick of listening to herself speak. Paris Hilton picks a fight with Lindsay Lohan. Penelope Cruz teaches a lesson on raunchy Spanish idioms. A famous person names his daughter "Mirabella Bunny." TGIFriday gossip.

  • You know how, when you listen to yourself on an answering machine, it's all weird and you hate your voice? Turns out that happens to celebrities, too, when they watch their movies. Angelina Jolie on doing voiceovers for Kung Fu Panda: "You know, when you hear your own voice, you can find it boring and uninteresting. Suddenly, you get very shy that your voice is not enough, because I'm not musical and I don't know my voice." Actually, I'm pretty sure some celebrities never have that problem. For instance, I bet John Mayer talks to himself constantly, for the sheer pleasure of listening to his own vocal chords in action. Poor, vocally tortured Angie. Must be that famous "Uh-huh-huh-heh-heh-heh" laugh, slowly driving her insane. [Us, image via WENN]
  • Paris Hilton made fun of Lindsay Lohan on her reality show, and now Lindsay thinks Paris is "mean." Apparently a homeless lady admired Paris' earrings, prompting Paris to yank them out and hand them to her. The lady then called her "Lindsay," and mused, "I thought you were supposed to be in rehab." Paris: "If I were Lindsay I would be stealing earrings, not giving them away." But the most important lesson is that Paris Hilton's idea of charity is pulling objects out holes in her body, and handing them to strangers. Vagina drugs for all! [TMZ]
  • On the set of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Neverending Sequel, Penelope Cruz taught Johnny Depp "the raunchiest Spanish I've ever been told. It's so foul that I couldn't bring myself to repeat it, here and now." Spanish speakers: Please proceed to the comments section, and let the filthy guessing game commence. [Us]
  • Nicolas Cage escaped charges in his drunken domestic abuse and disturbing the peace arrest. But he will never escape the most ridiculous drunken celebrity mugshot of our time. [Radar]

Jennifer Lawrence discusses her weight: "I'd rather look a little chubby on camera and look like a person in real life, than to look great onscreen and look like a scarecrow in real life." Who the hell called this girl "chubby," and can we sentence that person to death by starvation? [Flare]

  • Brad Pitt went out to dinner with 12 people, one of whom was Courteney Cox, who is BFFs with Brad's ex Jennifer Aniston, and you know what that means!!! Nothing, actually. But I bet Jen wonders if they talked about her, too. [People, TMZ]
  • An Australian teenager has been charged with trespassing and malicious damage for pelting Justin Bieber with eggs at a concert. Apparently the kid broke into the arena through the roof, just so he could heckle Bieber, which is actually pretty impressive. If only this child could harness his Spiderman-like talents for any purpose other than heckling Bieber, we could have a new superhero. Flying Egg Man. [AP]
  • Sheryl Crow "debuted" her new boyfriend, musician Doyle Bramhall, at a charity performance this week. But did he wear a white dress and dance a little cotillion? New rule: Every time a celebrity "debuts" something, like a boyfriend or new hairdo, they must dress as though they are at a debutante ball. [P6]
  • The Voice judge Blake Shelton has apologized for maybe-homophobic tweets wherein he reimagined a Shania Twain song as an anthem about beating up guys who touch his ass. At first he was indignant: "Hey! Reading all my anti-gay hate tweets…. Ha! Ha! If people knew even a little about me, my family and friends. Dumb asses." Then some PR person finally stepped in, he tweeted this: "Hey y'all allow me to seriously apologize for the misunderstanding with the whole re-write on the Shania song last night." And so the Hollywood offensive tweet cycle churns on… [NYDN]
  • Jay Mohr and Nikki Cox had a baby boy in Cinco de Mayo, and named him Meredith Daniel Mohr. Meanwhile, Bryan Adams finally announced the name of his one-month-old daughter: Mirabella Bunny Adams. And former Spice Girl Emma Bunton had her baby, too! His name is Tate. [People, People]