A great male hope from the late '90s/early '00s just landed a pivotal role in a sure-to-be-big movie. Also today: your real estate dreams could come true, Simon Cowell has a new coworker, and let's look at the boys of the new X-Men.

  • Remember Wes Bentley? He was that weirdo who liked to watch plastic bags and smoke weed with an ogling Kevin Spacey in American Beauty? He was also in The Claim and The Four Feathers and then... Well, then he apparently got hooked on drugs and his career went into the stinkpot. But now he's back! He's clean and sober and was in a play Off-Broadway and now he's just been cast in.... Hungah Gimz! Hungrum Gums! Hunger Games! Yes, he will be playing head gamemaker Seneca Crane, a part supposedly once offered to Woody Harrelson, in the upcoming Hunger Games movie. It's not a terribly big part, but hey, it's a part in a huge movie, so well done for ol' Wes Bentley. I'm so happy for him I feel like my heart is just going to cave in. [EW]
  • Oh this is kind of fun. Remember the gorrrrgeous mansion the McCallisters lived in in the 1990 home-invasion thriller Home Alone? Well now it's for sale! OMG, that house was so gorgeous. The summer before my senior year of college I took a six-week road trip around the whole country and when we went to Chicago, all I really wanted to see was the Home Alone house. This is true! I really wanted to see the Home Alone house. And now I'd like to live there. I would pay for it myself, but I'm what the French call les incompetents. S who wants to lend me $2.4 million? I'd just walk around all day yelling "Look what you did, you little jerk!" [THR]
  • Simon Cowell is currently sailing across the Atlantic with a large, ominous crate in the ship's hold marked "The X Factor" and now he's picked up a new shipmate. Cheryl Cole, who's been a judge on the British version of the singing competition, will join him stateside as a judge on the new American version. That's.... that's... Really? Why didn't he try to get an American celebrity? Someone great, like Ellen DeGeneres or Kara DioGuardi? Hahaha, JK. They stink as judges. But what about someone like... Gwen Stefani? She's not doing anything. (Is she doing anything?) Or, oh, Mya! Remember Mya? "Ghetto Superstar"? Man, we listened to that song a lot one summer at tennis camp. Pick Mya, Simon! Pick Mya! Screw Cheryl Cole! Indulge me! [Deadline]
  • Nathan Lane is a busy fellow these days. It was just announced that he's developing a sitcom for USA, and now comes word that he might be playing a role in Tarsem's Brothers Grimm: Snow White, the non-Snow White and the Huntsman Snow White movie starring Armie Hammer as the prince, Lily Collins as Snow, and Julia Roberts as the wicked queen. Lane would play the queen's most dedicated servant. So wait, is this going to be some big bawdy comedy, now that he's in it? Or is it serious? I can't tell. Also, why so much Snow White these days? There's this, the other movie, and Ginnifer Goodwin is playing her in that Once Upon a Time show. It's too much. Nathan Lane, also, is too much. [THR]
  • Three trailer-esque things have been released showcasing three of the young characters in X-Men: First Class and their individual stories and abilities. Three of the boy characters. Where's Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique? Stupid boys. But yeah, there are intro clips for Banshee, Havoc, and Beast. And don't they all look a little... cheesy? Like maybe the special effects aren't so grand on this thing? I don't know. I'm not feeling as excited about this movie as I want to be. Ah well. Oh, a question: If you look up "square-jawed" in the dictionary, is it just a picture of Lucas Till? [Collider]

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